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purified marine collagen

the glorified protein of sustained youth.

get more of what you lose

time plays a wonderful role in our personal development, but not so much in our physical development. over time our body gradually declines in producing collagen naturally, that’s why restoring collagen in the body is vital to prevent the signs of aging.

milla recipes

our range offers the perfect addition to your favourite food or drinks.

recipes including our everyday marine collagen offer even more nutritional value to your diet, without compromising on taste or smell. recipes including our collagen creamers and flavoured marine collagen offter a healthy and delicious flavour boost to your creations.

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why collagen?

collagen is the most abundant natural source of protein found in the body. It forms the basis of connective tissue in areas of the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. overtime, collagen levels in the body decline, resulting in signs of aging. but the good news is that collagen can be restored, helping reverse the aging process. collagen is perfect for:

​• improved skin hydration and elasticity

• greater hair density and length

• stronger and longer nails

• reducing joint inflammation

• strengthening your bones


why milla?

at milla, we're a new zealand family run business, all about using clean, natural ingredients to help you be the best possible you. our mission is to make products that are good for you, good to others and good on the planet.

that's why we only use premium ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. our marine collagen is sustainably sourced from france and has been finely broken down, making it easier for the body to absorb. when it comes to taste, we only flavour our collagen with whole ingredients and avoid using fillers, and lab produced flavours.

we've worked hard to ensure that everything that we produce, is not only plastic-free, but recyclable and where ever possible, bought from local new zealand suppliers.

we hope you enjoy our range of marine collagen products and like so many get to witness the wonderful results that collagen can have on your health.


anna & michael