our milla collagen range

the glorified protein of sustained youth

pure marine collagen

it all starts with our original, purified marine collagen. sustainably sourced from france, it’s gluten and dairy free, as well as being hydrolysed for optimum absorption in the body. 


it contains 18 amino acids to support your inner health and is blended with a little vitamin c to boost your body’s defences and support natural collagen production.


our nude is unflavoured and unscented making it the perfect addition to anything hot or cold. however if you like a little flavour, without the sweeteners, we offer naturally flavoured alternatives flavoured only from whole fruit.

functional collagen range

our functional collagen range provides more targeted support to skin, hair and nails, while containing the everyday benefits of marine collagen. 

our ‘skin’ focused purified marine collagen is your go-to for smoothness and glow. it contains a powerful natural substance called hyaluronic acid, known to help retain water in connective tissue, keeping skin looking and feeling supple and hydrated. it also helps to improve overall skin structure and complexion, reducing the visible signs of ageing.

​our ‘hair & nails’ purified marine collagen is all about conditioning and strengthening your hair and nails. it contains added vitamins and nutrients like biotin, zinc and vitamin c, designed to improve overall hair growth, strength and density. for nails, it increases strength, by preventing brittleness and stimulate growth. 

protein powder range

our probiotic protein powder range is a carefully selected blend of natural ingredients. with no thickeners, gums, sweeteners and fake flavours, it’s a natural source of potential.

​our probiotic protein range offers an array of benefits for your physical condition, like helping boost your metabolism, keeping you full for longer. it’s also a valuable nutrient that assists exercise and weight-loss, by helping to increase muscle-mass and strength.

blended with your daily dose of marine collagen, it also includes 5 billion good bacteria, up to 10x more than other collagen based probiotic protein powders on the market; making it the ultimate powder of immunity, increased physical condition and optimum performance.

collagen creamer range

our collagen creamer range is everything you’ve been waiting for. it’s vegan and dairy-free, making it the perfect alternative to include into your everyday routine.

​our collagen creamers have been made from only the best ingredients available. we only flavour our creamer range with ethical and sustainably sourced whole ingredients; natural coconut, organic cocoa and pure vanilla.


Similar to our other ranges, the collagen we blend into our creamer range is marine sourced, unlike many other brands that use bovine collagen (sourced from cows). Natural and sustainably sourced marine collagen, enables greater and faster absorption into the body, resulting in highly effective results inside and out. 

probiotic range

happiness starts from within, that’s why we’ve created our collagen probiotic range, packed with 5 billion good bacteria and prebiotic fibre, helping to restore the natural balance of your gut.

​our inner health range is a powerful blend of pre and probiotics, aimed at improving wellness from within. our ‘alkalising greens’ is a concentrated blend of alkaline superfoods, that assist in mineral replenishment to support energy, while the ‘antioxidant reds’ promote immune function, with the world’s most phytonutrient-rich red berries. 

​our probiotic blends include a daily does of marine collagen, which means that you get to benefit in more ways than one. boosted with glutamine, magnesium, vitamin c and ginger root extract it’s the perfect way to support good gut health and the flow of easy digestion.

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