why milla collagen

clean and natural ingredients to promote wellbeing.

why collagen?

collagen is the most abundant natural source of protein found in the body. It forms the basis of connective tissue in areas of the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. overtime, collagen levels in the body decline, resulting in signs of aging. but the good news is that collagen can be restored, helping reverse the aging process.

collagen is perfect for:

• improved hair, skin and nails

• improved digestion

• reduced inflammation in joints

• strengthen your bones

key benefits

restores skin elasticity

and reduces cellulite

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conditions and strengthens hair & nails

aids digestion

reduces pain and inflammation

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we also care a lot about the planet, and we've worked hard to ensure that everything that we produce, is not only plastic-free, but recyclable and, where possible, bought from local new zealand suppliers (like our glass jars).

our marine collagen is sustainably sourced from france and has been finely broken down, making it easier for the body to absorb. when it comes to taste, we only flavour our collagen with whole ingredients and avoid using fillers, and lab produced flavours.


we hope you enjoy our collagen range and get to witness the wonderful results that milla collagen can have on your health.

anna & michael

at milla, we’re a new zealand family run business and we're all about using clean, natural ingredients to help you be the best possible you.

why milla collagen?

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